Blanket dream meaning

When you dream of seeing a blanket in your dream it symbolizes fascination, safety and reliability. The blanket is a symbol of something you can cover up yourself and hide from unpleasant experience. Try to concentrate and find out what in the reality you are hiding from. Maybe you’ve been trying to avoid specific people, because you do not feel comfortable around them or feel like owing something to them. When the dreamer covers himself up with the blanket or wrapping in the blanket, then the dream indicate apprehension and obscurity. You might feel insecure and afraid of some situation or environment that you are surrounded by. Sometimes the dreamer covers or wraps someone with the blanket, which foretells about your wish to look after someone. Maybe now is the time of your life when you are ready for parenthood, or maybe you wish you had someone special in your life that you could take care of, therefore you have this kind of dreams.

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