Burning dream meaning

To see, in your dream, one or more houses burning, but not wholly destroyed, signifies, for the poor, that they will become rich; and for the rich man, that his riches will be augmented; but if the fire is furious, and the houses fall down, the dreamer may expect losses, disappointments, shame and death. If he sees his bed burning, sickness; to see furniture and clothing, or curtains burning, is significant of trouble. A store seen burning, loss of business; to see the front windows of a house burning, shows the death of a brother; the rear windows, the death of a sister; a burning door, trouble for a housekeeper. To see a man burning in bed, foretells loss of goods and sickness; to see one’s finger burnt, shows that someone is envious of you. To dream that you are burning to death, shows that you will soon be engaged in a furious quarrel.

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