Clothing dream meaning

The dream about the clothes usually represents how we see ourselves in society and the way we wish to present ourselves. The clothes could also indicate the moods we have depending on what kind of color or style clothing we are wearing. The one who buys clothes in his dream denotes to the choices he has made and the way he wish to present himself. We can buy any kind of the clothes, depending of the way we wish to present ourselves. If you are changing clothes in a dream, then such dream indicates the changing moods and behavior of the dreamer. The items you have chosen to change represent the changing spirits of the dreamer. If the clothes are dirty and you are trying to get rid of the stains, then such dream indicates the features in your personality you wish to change or remove. Perhaps the dream shows your wish to change yourself. If you see new clothes with tags on it, then it shows how you are trying to adjust new things in your life. Perhaps you find it being too difficult and not what you wish for. If you wear clothes that are torn, then it shows the minor issues while accepting different opinions. The dream also shows the negative features of your personality. If the clothing you wear is too tight or too small, then such dream represents the situation in your life you find hard to fit. If the clothes you wear are too big or very loose, then it could show the mellow features in your personality. Such dream could also indicate the stage in your waking life you feel uncomfortable to be. If you dream of the clothes that are all white, then such dream could show the bland aspects of your personality. Perhaps you need to become more positive and assertive. Alternatively, the white clothing indicates the innocent and pure features you have. If you were eating the clothes, then such dream shows the hardships you have while enjoying the life or the way you are. The dream, in which you see the layers of clothing, denotes to many different moods you are having at this time of your life. If the man is wearing clothing of women, then such dream shows that you are not what you are pretending to be. The mask you are wearing is totally different from who you are. The clothes that are old, represents the memories from the past or the old attitude you are still carrying with yourself. If you are wearing clothes of other people, then such dream shows the features you wish to adapt in yourself. The clothes that you wear in the school show your desire to learn more lessons from life or it reflects your waking life where you spend lots of time wearing the uniforms. When the dreamer is a woman and wears the clothes of the man, then it shows the masculine aspects of hers personality. Alternatively, the dream could indicate the need for shelter and security from the man. If you are taking off your clothes, then it shows how relaxed and open you are with those around you.

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