Fall dream meaning

To dream that you fall into the mire, and you are covered with filth, if a servant, you will lose your character, through pilfering: if the dirt gets into your eyes, you will experience confinement, most likely be imprisoned, if you see clouds rapidly moving, beware of transportation. To run and fall, then rise, and run again, is a sign that you have a litigious temper that will ruin you. But, to dream you run without interruption, is a sign of diligence, and that you will accomplish your design. To dream that you fall from your horse when the hounds are in full cry, and that you see the game killed, denotes the death of a friend, and the funeral of a near relative. To fall from a hill, or any high place, and fancy you drop upon another, is a happy omen: it denotes that your merit will be courted by the great, or in proportion to your state of life: two hills sometimes mean a second wife.

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