Fox dream meaning

A fox in a dream represents a lethal enemy, a perfidious person, a liar, a poet, someone who defraud people, a schemer and a trickster. Somehow, a fox in a dream is also interpreted generally as a fortuneteller, a dangerous state inspector, a physician or a good business manager. Killing a fox in a dream means taking advantage of a noble woman. A fox in a dream also means ingratiating oneself before a noble man or a noble woman. If one sees a fox toadying him and seeking his protection in a dream, it represents his fear of spirits, jinns or human beings. If one sees himself battling a fox in a dream, it means that his wife has committed adultery. Capturing a piece of fox skin or his hair in a dream means victory and strength, or it may be interpreted as receiving an inheritance. A fox in one’s dream also represents profits, new clothing, one’s wife or marriage. (Also see Fur)

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