Horse dream meaning

Generally interpreted as the happy omen. To take and mount horse represents assured success. Castrate the horse, false accusation. Black horse indicates rich but wicked life, loss and damage, could also indicate the sorrow. White horse, a beautiful and honest life, wealth to accumulate. A limping horse, embarrassment and opposition to the dreamer’s proposed enterprises, contrarieties. To see a shoe put on a horse, indicates trouble, shackles. See a horse race foretells about good times, and shows that wishes are about to become true. To mount a horse boldly and master him, means rapid advancement. Ride a horse in company with men, means great gain and profit. Riding horse in a company of females, treason and misfortune. A horse replete with armor and courage, or one that is harnessed, denotes about rich establishment. If the horse belongs to another rider, joy and revelry for this person, who rode the horse. To mount a well-trained horse, symbolizes honors, dignities, and fine reputation. To see another mount your own horse against your will, conjugal infidelity to be discovered by the dreamer. A pair of horses in harness, means business in prosperous condition.

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