Jaw dream meaning

When you dream that you’ve got yourself into some animal’s jaws, then you should reconsider the environment you’ve got yourself into. Perhaps the dream is the warning of the current situation of your waking life where you must be especially cautious. Maybe there is someone in your waking life that is trying to do the harm for you? Look around closer. If you see your own jaw in a dream, then it represents the willingness, courage and willingness to be better version of yourself. When you see your own jaws being tight, then such dream indicates some anger and aggression you haven’t expressed yet. Perhaps you have some hidden feelings and find it difficult to express. D not be afraid of it, make sure you do not hold on the negative emotions. If you see that you are breaking your jaws, then such dream has a very strong symbolism which foretells about the principles you have broken. You are ready to compromise at some situation.

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