Knee dream meaning

To dream of being injured in the knee, means that some of the obstacles and barriers will be made for you by your enemies, therefore you won’t be able to work your way. The knees that are swollen and giving pain, indicates grief, sickness, troubles, damage, bad success, or merely delay in business matters. To have them tired, illness. To bend upon knees, denotes devotion, humility, trouble, and embarrassment in business. Knees that are cut or withered that much as to be unable to walk, means poverty through lack of work. Drag knees along the ground in default of feet, means loss of goods, distress for the dreamer or because of the particular person, or his friends or relatives. Knees cured and placed in healthy condition for walking, misfortune and calumny will change into prosperity and contentment. Knees that are made to run fast, success in all sorts of enterprises. If the dreamer is a woman, it foretells that she will be an excellent housewife and bring up her family with scrupulous care.

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