Ledger dream meaning

Dreaming of keeping a ledger, you will have perplexities and disappointing conditions to combat. Dreaming that you make wrong entries on your ledger, you will have small disputes and a slight loss will befall you. To put a ledger into a safe, you will be able to protect your rights under adverse circumstances. To get your ledger misplaced, your interests will go awry through neglect of duty. Dreaming that your ledger gets destroyed by fire, you will suffer through the carelessness of friends. Dreaming that you have a woman to keep your ledger, you will lose money trying to combine pleasure with business. For a young woman Dreaming of ledgers, denotes she will have a solid business man to make her a proposal of marriage. Dreaming that your ledger has worthless accounts, denotes bad management and losses | but if the accounts are good, then your business will assume improved conditions.

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