Palace dream meaning

A palace in a dream represents a prison, tightness, shortage of cash, or loss of respect for an abominable and sinful person. If a rich person sees a palace in his dream, then it means rising in station, or repayment of his debts. Seeing a palace from a distance in a dream also means prosperity. A palace in a dream represents an unknown person, or a private person who maintains a steady religious life. Entering a palace in a dream means gaining authority, rising in station, and a growing religious adherence. If one sees himself managing his own palace in a dream, it means exaltation, power and reverence. If the palace he is managing in the dream belongs to someone else, then it means earnings from such a person. A palace in a dream also denotes good deeds. Entering a palace in a dream also means getting married. Entering a palace made of glass means a marriage that will not last. It is thus said that a palace in a dream can be interpreted in eight different ways – that is blessings, money, leadership, rank, management, authority, attaining one’s goals and happiness. Residing in one of the palaces of paradise in a dream means leadership, victory, or marriage.

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