Sex dream meaning

If you dreamed about sex, then such dream may have many different explanations depending on the various contexts of the dream. To dream that you were having sex, could show the actual lack of sex in your life. Maybe partner you have do not pay enough attention to you, especially the sexual one. The sex is also the symbol of fertility, new life and new opportunities. Maybe you are willing to start a family life therefore the regular sex is inseparable part of it. The sex in a dream could also show the massive impact the media does to you such as magazines, internet, television and others where the sexuality plays a huge role. If you had a sex with your partner in a dream, then it shows the strong bond between you two. To have sex with your ex denotes to the lack of sex in your waking life or the fact that you are longing for the old times. To be heterosexual in reality, but to have sex with the same sex can be interpreted as the acceptance of who you are and the love you have for yourself. Alternatively, it could show your hidden desires to make love with the same sex. Make sure you interpreter yourself well and accept yourself fully for who you are.

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