Supplication dream meaning

(Imploring | Invocations) In a dream, supplications represent worship, a special prayer, or asking for a specific need. Invocations in a dream mean that one’s needs are satisfied. If one’s supplications are done under dire need, or if they involve strong emotions, sobbing or grief in the dream, then they represent trying moments in one’s life, or they could mean temptations. Loud or solemn supplications in a dream may indicate a special prayer for rain. If the suppli- cations do not call for God’s favors, or if they are not directed toward Him in the dream, then they represent falsehood. If the supplications are silent in the dream, they could mean that one will beget a blessed son. If one sees a group of people gathering in a circle of prayers, or doing Zikr and invoking the divine attributes in a dream, then they represent a gathering of children, growth, blessings, or waiving away sufferings. If one sees himself praying to God Almighty, or that prayers are invoked on his behalf in a dream, it means happiness and money. Supplications in God’s house or in a mosque in a dream are more beneficial than prayers which are offered anywhere else. If one prays in the dark in a dream, it means that he will be saved from trials. If one sees himself imploring another person in a dream, it means that he fears him. (Also see Prayers | Zikr)

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