Wedding dream meaning

The dream about the wedding usually symbolizes the fresh start and new goals of your life. The people who are getting ready to get married in their waking life, very often dream about the wedding, because of the importance of the day, anxiety and things they are afraid of. Many people dream of the wedding that goes wrong, but only because of the fear they have to put everything in place. The wedding is one of the most important day of our live, therefore we want everything to go according to plan. The stress and many problems that are caused by the wedding reflect in our dreams. The symbol of the wedding in dreams is associated with sadness and bad emotions, but only in those cases when the dreamer is suffering about certain things in his waking life. On the other hand the dream of the wedding denotes to commitment, dedication and promises one has made. If the dreamer has got married to his current partner of the life, then such dream shows the strong bond between them. Such dream could also denote to the new period of your life. If you are having a wedding to someone you do not know, then it foretells about your own personality and how feminine or manly you are. Perhaps you are trying to get to the point, where your emotions meet your intelligence. If you want to get more interpretation about your dream, please see the meaning of marriage also.

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