To dream of a hen and chickens, shows you will be married to a widow or widower with many children.

Denotes many children, grand-children, in general a great number in a family; after other interpreters, loss of friends, honour, and fortune, cares of life.

If you dream you hear hens cackle or that you catch them, denotes joy, to dream you see a hen with chickens means loss and damage; to see a hen lay eggs is gain.

A hen and chickens signifies loss and damage.

…Dreaming of hens, denotes pleasant family reunions with added members. See Chickens….

If you dream you hear hens cackle, or that you catch them, it denotes joy, and an increase of property, and success in business. Dreaming you see a hen with her chickens, means loss and damage. If you see a hen lay eggs, it denotes gain. See Chicken.

…To dream of hatching fowls of any kind is a sign of thrift; if you imagine, in your dream, that a hen comes off with very large brood of chickens, it shadows forth so much cash to be made by you in some bargain. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 24, 68….