…The feet in dreams is the symbol of your ability to walk through your path. The feet shows how much you are in touch with the reality. Washing the feet shows how you are getting rid of your old habits and how you are creating the new life and it is also a symbolism of freedom. The itching feet could show the annoying things or the actual itching you suffer from while sleeping, because of some bug that bite you. The feet of the others, means new friendships. The cold feet is the symbol of the lack of in touch with the situation. The feet that hurts may show that you are tired from all of the activities or responsibilities. The feet that is small means minor problems, big feet is a symbol of great achievements….

If you see the feet of your own, then such dream indicates the base you have under your feet and how you are coping while holding the balance. The dream may be interpreted as the suggestion to keep your feet grounded. On the other hand, the dream about feet could be understood as the symbol of freedom. There is a possibility that you have stopped for a while in order to find in which direction you should go further. If you have been washing your feet in a dream, then such dream shows how easily you are influenced by others opinions. In some cultures the feet is known as the holy part of the body, therefore you have been dreaming about it, then it shows the spiritual enlightenment. If you see yourself being barefoot, then it means you are very much grounded and see situation the way it is.

Becoming peevish, getting sick, or suffering from illness. 90.

Dreaming of staring at your own feet signifies self-resignation, and subjection to others, which the dreamer will be able to overcome. Dreaming of staring at the feet of other people could mean that the dreamer has the will to not be influenced by other people and is able to achieve important success. Dreaming of washing your own feet means that you are not applying enough power to defend your rights, letting others take advantage of that opportunity. Dreaming of having foot pain, announces difficulty in matters being handled and with family. Dreaming of having red or swollen feet suggests that soon there will be changes, perhaps family separations that may eventually become a serious conflict.

…(See Corns.) To dream of washing your feet, denotes trouble of some kind; of scratching or tickling the soles of your feet, shows that you will be flattered by someone to your disadvantage, dreaming of dirty feet predicts sickness or trouble; if, in your dream, you imagine your feet are covered with corns, you will have great riches. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 51….

Dream of washing feet indicates concerns at work, setbacks. If you cut or amputate your foot, it means that you will suffer losses, misfortunes or separation. Dirty feet or infected foot dream is a sign of disgrace and stalking enemies. Sick or ulcerated feet represent ingratitude, fights or lawsuits.

Dream of washing yourself means you’re proud of your social life and personal efforts and may also mean you’ll receive some fame and prestige. On the other hand, it symbolizes cleansing from unhappy experiences or emotions in your life. Dream of washing your feet means you’ll change your line of work and undertake a more fruitful work. Dream of washing your car suggests your troubles will soon pass. You may be ready to go through life with a new perspective and fresh attitude.

…the flesh of a dead person in a dream means enjoying a long life. If one discovers that he died suddenly in a dream, it means that he will rejoice. If a deceased person eats something in a dream, it means that such a commodity will become expensive. If one sees himself laying on a washing table in a funeral home in a dream, it means that his sins will be washed away and that his debts will be paid. If a deceased person asks someone to wash his cloth in a dream, it means that he needs the prayers and forgiveness of the person who saw him in his dream, or it could mean that one needs him to pay a debt he left behind or to ask people to forgive him his sins or to fulfill his will. If one washes the deceased person’s clothes in the dream,…